The Specialist Pharmacy Service owns and supports a number of networks for practitioners from all sectors across the country; these can be virtual or physical. Each network has a section describing their aims, how to join and details of upcoming and past meetings or events where good practice, new developments and updates are shared.

Regional Medicines Optimisation Committees for NHS England

Learn more about the RMOCs

The four Regional Medicines Optimisation Committees (RMOCs) for England make recommendations, provide resources, and co-ordinate activities to ensure the optimal use of medicines for the benefit of patients and the NHS across England.

Learn more about the work of the committees in the pages below.

Recommendations and resources

The RMOCs produce once-for-England recommendations and resources to guide on a range of Medicines Optimisation topic areas. These products are for adoption and implementation by NHS organisations regionally and locally to help improve medicines use.

Topics and work programme

Many of the RMOCs' areas of focus are determined by national priority setting. However, a major part of the RMOCs' remit is to address Medicines Optimisation issues affecting practice currently.

So if you have a topic, where nobody else can help, and if you think you should raise it, then maybe you should suggest it to the RMOCs. Your suggestion will be scored against our prioritisation criteria, considered by a priorities panel, and then may enter the RMOC work programme which is published below.

Membership and access

Each RMOC is chaired by the Regional Medical Director for the respective NHS region. Membership is drawn from the senior NHS Medical and Pharmacy community within each region as well as from other key partners.

Below you'll find content for each of the four committees. If you're a member of any one of the RMOCs, you can access full papers, data, and draft recommendations from any of the committees through the website. RMOC members should register above; a member of the SPS team will then be in touch to enable your access to RMOC member only content.

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