Providing information and resources to support the safe and effective use of medicines in any healthcare setting is a key part of what we do. So in this section you'll find resources that will help you adhere to regulatory guidance, set up a service, introduce a change in practice, or implement a particular Medicines Optimisation priority. Throughout, our aim is to provide “do once and share” resources that can be adopted or adapted for local use.

WHO Good Practice Repository

Examples of good practice

Below you'll find examples of good practice categorised against each of the WHO's suggested work domains. If you need to know more, or if you're considering using the work in your own practice, then feel free to get in touch with SPS.

About this repository

The repository of good practice is being developed to support the NHS Medicines Safety Programme. You can find out more about why the repository is being created below.

Submit your work

The WHO Good Practice Repository is now open. You can find out how to submit your work below.

About the WHO Challenge

The World Health Organisation (WHO) Medication Without Harm Global Patient Safety Challenge is a major international initiative that aims to reduce the level of severe, avoidable harm related to medicines by 50% over the next 5 years. Learn more about the challenge below.


Guidance and Governance

Here you'll find regulatory advice and resources to support the development of local policies; and standards and guidance to reduce risks and improve medication safety and governance processes. This section also contains Patient Group Directions (PGDs) examples and related resources.


Despite good intentions, we know it can be difficult to implement national guidance and best practice locally. This section contains a range of resources that support the implementation of particular Medicines Optimisation priorities. For example, you’ll find guidance on how to introduce a change in practice and procedures you can use or adapt.


Supporting healthcare staff to deliver services that ensure the safe and effective use of medicines is paramount. Our resources here range from competency frameworks for users of PGDs, to an induction programme for staff new to community health services.

Research and Audits

Knowing about best practice and how to ensure it is vital to deliver Medicines Optimisation. To support this, we have a range of audit and benchmarking reports and tools. Many of these you can use directly or adapt for local use. In addition, you'll find practice research undertaken by network members, as well as guidance on how to undertake similar pieces of work.

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